I do occasional on location/in home consulting on personal computers and other technology related issues. Here is a little information regarding this service.

Standard Rate

Restrictions on Standard Rate
• A one hour minimum is charged for all consultations.
• No additional fee is charged for house calls that require less than 15 minutes of driving one way.
• If the round trip travel time to your location is greater than 30 minutes then you will be billed for the additional transit time above 30 minutes at the standard rate of $50/hour. (May be waived if the consultation is 2 hours or greater, dependent on the time spent in transit.)
• Consultations requiring extended travel (6 hours or more) will be responsible for all travel costs but will not be billed at the hourly rate for travel time.

When are you available?
This varies considerably and I will do my best to schedule a convenient appointment with you. If you are interested in an appointment you can call me at 319-341-3580 or email me at webmaster@bprogers.com.

What services do you offer?

I specialize in Macintosh based systems running Mac OS 7 - X and Linux based systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux/Fedora Core (Red Hat Certified Engineer). However I also have experience with Windows 95/98/2000/XP and some additional Unix and Linux variants. I also offer tutoring with regard to learning how to use computers and specific applications. The most common thing that I do is hardware and software troubleshooting.

What sorts of consultations have you done recently?
• Two week out of state engagement involving the architecting and configuration of small enterprise environment.
• Microsoft Word tutoring.
• iMac system reinstallation.
• Backup hardware consultation and installation.
• Hard drive replacement and upgrade.
• Ram upgrades.
• Troubleshooting of a home built PC.

If you are interested in these services but are skeptical of my skills I can provide references upon request. Please note that my response time to requests is usually 48 hours. Also please note that I do not do this full time and it has simply grown out of helping friends and then being referred to their friends.